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360 as in 360* (360 degrees) because I want to share from every angle.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Whispers Of Our Past: Autumn Flashback

I took this photo in 2009 from the first overlook going up Sunrise Mountain in Stokes State Forrest. It's one of my favorite places and within a ten minute drive of our weekend home up there. We didn't get to see the foliage from this spot last year as I was recovering from my second kidney surgery in the Fall and we didn't get up to our northern home much for the duration of my recovery. We tried to get up there earlier this Fall only to find the road closed because much of it was destroyed during Hurricane Irene at the end of this August and it's closed indefinitely. Heartbreaking. (We have more long-term damage from that hurricane up north compared with the damages we had on the coast - so many roads and bridges were destroyed up there and remain un-fixed because funding hasn't been made available yet to fix them).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Autumn View

This is one of the many spectacular views from the hills in the neighborhood of where we live here on the coast. (Click on pic for larger view).

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