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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The fossil beds of Poricy Park


Cindy said...

I take it the Navesink is a river?? I'll just have to google it and Poricy Park too! When I was little, my cousin and I always went to the big rock piles at the gravel pit looking for Indian Beads! Have a glass jar full on my kitchen window, plus big rocks (Indian tools) found by my grandfather farming. I'll try to take some pictures of them to share. What do you find at these fossil beds? So interesting!

Jo said...

Yes, The Navesink is a river here, a river I grew up only a few minutes from and am now back to living close to.

We didn't find much at the fossil beds but we did find some very cute raccoon prints in the dirt which I took pics of! (Will be posting those soon).