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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mystery House

Some one lives here, that much is obvious. But no one knows who. No one sees people coming or going to & from the house. Sometimes it's well kept on the outside, other times it becomes over run with vines & weeds. No one sees who cleans it up. There's a lot of stuff inside the house, looks more like a warehouse than a home from the glimpse you can catch from the sidewalk. And you can't see into the back yard from the side street (it's on a corner) or from the house next door, the trees block the entire back of the house from view. But no matter the time of day, you always feel like you're being watched. And I don't think it's just the gargoyles.


Holli said...

Love the gargoyles... what's the mystery though? :)

Jo said...

:~) Heh, heh. Forgot to mention that part! The gargoyles are alright but that creepy little devil dude in the left hand corner freaks me out a little.

Lizzi said...

Mysterious...but I do love all the windows. And the littel devil guy is kind of creepy.