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Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn At The Supermarket

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Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Great selection there! :-) But I'm sure you have places around, outside the city, where you can by pumpkins, where they grow.

One blogger from the UK said they only see them, in supermarkets over there. Kind of sad, actually. :-)

Gentle hugs...

Sue Jackson said...

Love this picture! Mmmm...I just love autumn and winter squashes - unfortunately, the rest of my family isn't as thrilled with them as I am!


Jo said...

Of course we do Aunt Amelia! (And we don't live in the city by any means, we live in a tiny bay side borough full time and lakeside in the mountains part time). I happened to be walking by this display on Saturday and just seeing the colors made me happy so I snapped a pic. I love that the colors came out just as vibrant in the pic as they were in person!

Thanks Sue and lol! I know what you mean!!!

Jo said...

Oh and our supermarket here in town is family owned and one of a small chain only in NJ which buys locally whenever possible and from PA also.