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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Advice Regarding Helping Sandy's Victims

I have been asked many times how folks can help Sandy's victims and this has been my husband's advice from the get-go.  (He is Commander of a local American Legion Post and a Marine). I've tried to add more specific details to put you in the right direction:

To make sure all donations get to those who need it in affected areas, go through *your* local communities!

(ie: Church/ Veterans Organization (American Legion, VFW etc)/ food bank/ schools/ library/ EMS-Fire-Police/ Community Organization (Elks, Moose, Knights of Columbus etc).

Have them contact their counterparts in affected areas (by contacting local municipalities as some locations for our local organizations have been damaged or lost) regarding specific needs for an area and where donations can be shipped.

If you follow me on twitter, I've been re-posting information regarding local communities in our immediate area that have been affected which could help you with specific places to get in touch with as well.

I've heard of folks in states like Florida and Louisiana collecting truck loads of donations which they're bringing here next week.  (One happens to be one of my and her husband; I've seen through fb what they've been doing and the other has been updating through our local ems - so these are not just rumors).

Nothing against large organizations, but donations to them are used throughout the organization and for overhead, even if you're making a donation for a specific disaster.  And with needs literally from the most basic all the way up through temporary & permanent housing, Sandy's victims need all the help they can get ASAP.

I hope this helps those who've asked or who've been wondering what they can do!

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