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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Roller Coaster Weather

23 degrees Friday night.

86 degrees Tuesday.

Chilly on-shore wind kept temps down in the 60s yesterday and then the clouds started rolling in after dinner. Everything got dark. The wind clattered the wind chimes together and tangled their strings.

Layers of dark grey/black clouds marched towards us, then overhead and out to sea. Swirling, spinning, gathering, pulling apart and coming back. The sky was mesmerizing. The lightning was frighteningly incredible. Blinding white, pink and purple. At times it looked liked fireworks raining down. (I'd never seen that before). Half of the town lost power. (We didn't thankfully). It *poured* again and again. It would get suddenly quiet and I thought we were all done and it would start right back up again. All night and into the hours just before dawn. Exciting and terrifying (for a storm wuss like myself). With red flag (fire) warnings every other day, we needed the rain.

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