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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Scenes

Love at first sight today with this purple-pink Victorian!

Because of the bright Spring sun, this photo doesn't do this magnificent home justice!

Much better from this angle!

"Rose Cottage"
A home that's for sale we would *love* to buy...

Yes, another 'Bleeding Heart' photo, from my garden this morning!
What did your Sunday look like?


Jo said...

For another of my favorite houses, drop by my other blog here:

Jo said...

Louise, the 2nd & 3rd photos are of the 'other magnificent' home I mentioned in the comment on Friday Favorites but I discovered the purple-pink Victorian today and couldn't not share it too!

Louise Bradford said...

Wow Jo, those are beautiful homes! Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a place like that?!?

Louise Bradford said...

Hi Jo - these homes are beautiful! Imagine living in a place like that?!?

Jo said...

I would love love love to get a peak inside those homes! I'll have to check and see what homes are listed on this year's historical society house tour - if any of them are, I'm in! (Unfortunately I've been in the funeral home pictured in the other post, but not upstairs).

Louise Bradford said...

PS Sorry about the double post - sometimes when i'm not signed in I can't tell if the system received my comment!