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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birds of a Feather

Each morning, these two Turkey Vultures arrive on our chimney to warm themselves.

Neat yet creepy to watch.

Very creepy when it appears as though one of them is staring back at you as you take their picture.

Lovers spat.

The victor! (The other is just out of sight behind the chimney).

Yes, Turkey Vultures. We have quite an enormous lot of them here as there seems to be a roost nearby. About a hundred of them at least. Watching them soar around & around on updrafts of air is mesmerizing and hearing their wings flap as they take off is incredible. (They have Huge wing spans). But they sure are creepy as anything I've ever seen, especially when both wings are fully outstretched as one is perched, warming itself on a chimney or in the sun. I was able to get a few shots of what I presume is the same pair up there on this snowy morning as well. (Coming soon!)


Brenda said...

Jo, that is beyond awesome. I wish I come and see them. How cool is that! Thanks for sharing.

Holli said...

Vultures are so disgusting!! Great shots :)

Jo said...

Thanks Brenda!

LOL I agree Holli!

BookGirl78 said...

They are so huge Jo! WOW what great up close pics of them. Are they noisy at all?

Jo said...

Thanks Heather! I don't know if they make any kinds of noise or calls (I don't think they do) but it's Very cool when one flies low overhead to hear their wings swooshing! (They've got wing spans of about 5'-6'!)