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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Neighborhood

Our street, on the "dry" side of a tiny coastal NJ town.
Dry meaning we live on the inland side of the highway, not the "wet" side of the highway on the water.
But, the town was originally started as a "dry" community - no booze allowed!
(Looking to the left)

(Looking to the left)

(Looking to the right)


Brenda said...

It didn't look too bad. They were predicting that Cape May and the South Jersey points were really getting a lot of snow this storm. Don't know any of the totals yet.

Holli said...

These are very pretty!!

Jo said...

Brenda, it wasn't bad here at all. Only thing is that we had sleet for an hour before it changed to snow so things are pretty slippery underneath but overall nothing as bad as that one before Christmas. South Jersey got Hammered!

Thanks Holli!

Lizzi said...

So pretty and peaceful looking! Though, they do make me glad I don't have to drive in the snow and ice anymore!

Jo said...

LoL Lizzi! Remember that when your temps are in the tripple digits! :~)